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This is a list of services we offer. It is not an exhaustive list and if you have any questions please contact us and ask either by phone or using the contact link above.

  • PC and Laptop repairs, upgrades and custom builds
  • 1 to 1 Help, Training and Support
  • Virus, Malware and Spyware removal
  • Computer Security and Child Safety
  • WI-FI and network surveys and optimisation
  • Data recovery and health checks
  • General maintenance, clean-up and advice
  • Honest guidance for Windows XP users

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logo text   PC and Laptop repairs, upgrades and custom builds

Pcs are in general quite easy to repair or rather their hardware is. The problems occur with data software and the operating system. Laptops are more time consuming to repair and can take a great deal longer, this is due to the fact that they regularly require custom parts and that even for the simplest job one has to take them apart entirely. Upgrades follow a similar pattern. A custom laptop is possible but gets very expensive quickly, a custom pc however is only usually needed for intensive graphics design or for gaming. We can build custom machines for any requests.

logo text   1 to 1 Help, Training and Support

Sometimes everyone wants or needs someone to sit down with them and explain how to do something. The important thing is that it is explained in a way that you want, at a time you want, in a place you are comfortable, using your setup. Many times I have seen people who have been on courses and then realised once they are home that their setup is different or they have a different version and that is enough to throw you off when you are first learning. Take advantage of our one to one service, make a list of things you want to know how to do, or would like to be better at and then we will come to you and teach you how to do it on YOUR equipment and setup in the way you want and at your pace.

logo text   Virus, Malware and Spyware removal

A virus or the related problems of malware and spyware can ruin your computers BUT in 99% of cases they can be removed without having to format (format means to wipe all the data and software from your computer and start again) your computer. It is better to ask for help early and be VERY wary of links on the internet. Many sites offer virus removal and are in fact only there to mask their own virus. If you look at the links page you can find links to specific sites and software that can help. Naturally we are happy to come and do it for you and advise on how to prevent it happening again.

logo text   Computer Security and Child Safety

These are two important topics.
Child safety - most children and virtually all teenagers know more about technology than most parents, this is not a criticism just a plain fact of growing up with technology. Many parents worry about the safety of their children online or want to know what they are doing and if necessary how to help them. This is not about trust, if a child knows that their parent at any time could find out what they are up to then it reminds then to follow the rules. The other side of things is making sure that younger children can get all the benefits of technology but are protected from items that more mature people can make decisions about. Do you know if your child's pad is safe? Can people contact them without your knowledge? Can your child get to websites that they are too young to see? Most things are safe but as any adult knows, knowledge is power and the adults should at least be on a par with the younger generation!
Security - many of us now do many things online. Shopping, banking and bill payments to name a few. If you were in a bank and someone was standing next to you looking at your accounts and your transactions, or in a shop whilst they watched what you bought you would take steps to stop them. Internet security is the same except that you need to know how people can watch you and how to stop them. Another annoyance that we face is spam and targeted marketing. Most of this comes about due to online tracking but you can stop it. If you know how to spot the problems and have the correct software to help you it is possible to eliminate all traces - it is about balance and how to empower you to achieve it.

logo text   WI-FI and network surveys and optimisation

Many people now have wi-fi, but most home wi-fi has not been set up optimally. The majority of users have their wi-fi router in a poor position and have the out of the box configuration running, the same as everyone else near them. Wi-fi has a range of up to about 300 yards and any wi-fi routers with the same configuration and in range intefere with one another. Electric wiring, portable home phones, metal and walls all also intefere with a wi-fi signal. For most companies, the routers are placed on the ceiling or on columns but this is not so useful in a home, however there are ways to optimise your signal for you. A survey will find out where a good place for the router might be or a better channel to run on or even a better protocol to use. Fixed line (a cable from the router to your computer) is always better, even for laptops, so using a mixture of both can also be an option. We are happy to survey, make changes and give suggestions.

logo text   Data recovery and health checks

Computers like cars or boilers need to be cleaned up and checked regularly to ensure they keep on running and running at their best. We can schedule in regular health checks for you or do a one off and show you how to minimise the problems (think of it as topping up the fluids in your car).
Data Recovery - losing an important document or pictures can be devastating and upsetting. What most people do not realise is that most of the time deleting a file does not remove it from the computer and that it is possible to recover it. IF you have lost some data it is important to act quickly and to call for help.

logo text   General maintenance, clean-up and advice

We are happy to give you advice on any topic that you need and to do one off maintenance or cleanups / speedups.

logo text   Honest guidance for Windows XP users

Windows XP users have many options rather than the one or two that major companies are suggesting. Some have minimal cost - please see the article on XP on the information tab above. We are happy for you to contact us and ask us to help you.